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click here1 HomeThe Canadian Government is offering you or your grandparents and parents a cheep way to get covered and we find you the best maximized coverage possible with the best Super Visa Insurance in Canada!

Sum insured options $25,000/ $50,000/ $100,000/ $150,000/ $200,000

We offer visitors to Canada benefits!

We have super news! Multiple-entry onto our Canadian soil, which is valid for up to ten years allows applicants to stay for up to 24 months at a time without renewing their status.

  • Single person, two-person, family rates available
  • Deductible $150 CAD automatic; option to buy out deductible at a 15% surcharge

We are very excited to offer wide range of options for visitors that can meet the minimum standards for private plans that qualify for the Visa.

Key Features:

Since December 1, 2011 in your family is eligible for the best 10 year multiple entry, allowing them to stay for a 2 year maximum stretch.

One of the mandatory requirements to obtain a super visa for this period. There is no need to renew and undertake medical health tests on every visit.

  • Minimum coverage period is 1 year
  • Refund will be provided if you you don’t quality

We provide you best travel insurance quotes, ample number of choices and huge savings!

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